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Captured after 303 days on the run!!

t’s a beautiful thing when groups can work together for the greater good.

This case was definitely a challenge from the get go, as we found out that this boy had been previously trapped. Missing K-9 Search & Rescue set up feeding stations, traps and enclosures but Shadow was just too smart for his own good.

Barb from Missing K9 contacted me and we began our collaboration, bouncing ideas off one another. First and foremost getting him returning to an established location with a food source was critical. Unfortunately, we came to learn that he had multiple food sources throughout the area, making it more difficult to lure him into any trap or enclosure because he was no longer hungry or food motivated. Shadow would come and go and disappear for days or weeks at a time and them reappear.

An enclosure was slowly built over a time period to allow him to get adjusted to anything new that was introduced to his environment. If the process went too fast he would disappear again. A stick out of place, a leaf pile moved, a different person baiting would start the process all over again.

It was explained to the owners that we had to have them on board with baiting every day, at the same time, same spot, moving nothing in the process. The owners were so dedicated and willing to do anything to get their baby back.

It took approximately two months before Shadow built up enough courage to step over that threshold. Once he made that monumental step, it was game on. Each and every baby step in, was celebrated. Once we finally had him going to the back of the enclosure, the next hurdle began… battling the ever present wildlife that feasted daily at Shadow’s food source.

The day was finally here to set enclosure for capture but once again he was a no show. We stayed the course and kept the enclosure set and monitored around the clock. At 12:36 this morning our cameras went off and thankfully this time it wasn’t the fox, cats, opossum or the chubby raccoon family, it was Shadow. He seemed to know something was up and was very cautious as he checked out the perimeter of the enclosure for what would be his the last time in those woods. He finally made his way in and as that door shut so did his ten months of living in the shadows of Hamilton, NJ.

Barb it was so wonderful to collaborate with you my friend. It’s amazing when groups can work together and respect a process and make things happen. In the end, it is always about the dog, as it should be.




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