Pork Chop

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Meet our New Years baby, Pork Chop!

On the run in Riverdale, NY for at least two weeks. A local resident and friend, Stacey Labiosa contacted me for help. 

A feeding station was set up and we quickly had him returning. He would come out of hiding with his nose in the air sniffing to see if his next meal was waiting for him. 

Today the trap was set and within a few hours he was circling the trap and went right in. 

With shelters and rescues bursting at the seams, it’s so hard to find placement for these stray animals right now. I am so thankful that I have such an amazing tribe of rescue angels that are always willing to be there and walk the walk when I need them and the animals need them the most. Stacey Labiosa for always being a guardian angel for dogs in need in her area. Dawn Reilly, my new volunteer and team member for dropping everything and racing over to set the trap. Audrey Lodato from Best Friends Animal Society for saying don’t worry, I got you and connecting me with Brealynn from New Fairfield/Sherman Animal Welfare Society, who without hesitation stepped up to come pick him up and take him under her rescue if needed. Paul Laycox from the West Milford Animal Shelter Society for always being there for BDRR, opening your doors after hours and being a safe haven to our portly little guy. Because of this amazing team, Pork Chop is safe and snoring away in a warm cozy bed. 

He is chipped, however when the registered owners were contacted and they denied ownership. 

He will still be held on a legal stray hold and then will be up for adoption through West Milford Animal Shelter.

Happy New Year and here’s to saving many more in 2024!





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