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Delilah, a ten month old, new rescue had only been at her new home for three hours when her leash somehow became unhooked and she bolted. 

I would say that 90% of the cases I work are newly adopted or southern rescue dogs. Typically, these dogs will stay close to, or return to the point of escape, if not chased or pursued. 

As I always say, lost dog recovery is counter intuitive to all the things you think should be done when a skittish dog in survival mode goes missing. Most think that more boots on the ground and getting every organization, group, rescue, search party involved is going to be beneficial when in fact it hinders a successful recovery. 

It is critical to quiet what I call the “noise” so that the dog will not feel pursued and hunted. Once that noise is eliminated it allows the dog to settle, which then enables the capture process to take place.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, sometimes you have to step back out of your own comfort zone and get out the way to allow the process to take place. Quieting the noise may feel like you are doing nothing when in fact it is the best thing you can do with regard to swiftly bringing these dogs to safety. 

Within, thirty minutes of setting my trap, in the rain, Delilah made an appearance. For a few hours she would pop out to make sure the coast was clear and then quickly retreat back into the darkness and up the mountain. I placed her favorite toy turtle near the trap in the hopes that it would provide her comfort and sure enough she snuck out of the tall brush and swiped her turtle. Within a couple hours she was back at the trap and this time her hungry belly got the best of her. She was fast, almost beating a six foot deep trap.

Thank you to the family and the rescue for trusting in me and trusting the process to bring this baby girl to safety. After a day and a half in the pouring rain, she is safe and sound in her new home. She has a new martingale collar and slip lead as all new rescues should have. 

Welcome HOME Delilah!




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