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Third times a charm....Ollie is safe after seven weeks on the run!

At only eight months old, Ollie, a southern feral had been trapped twice before being transported north. He escaped a third time after coming off transport in the Home Depot, Brewster, NY parking lot. He travelled almost 20 miles before settling in a three mile span on the extremely dangerous Taconic State Parkway in Putnam Valley, NY. We quickly located him and had him eating at our feeding station but he was once again scared off by people riding dirt bikes through the trails. We studied the mapping and trail system in Fahnestock Park and were able to determine the trails and the route he was traveling right down to pinpointing the exact location he was crossing on the Taconic. Ollie was extremely trap and enclosure savvy, this capture was challenging to say the very least. Thank you to the management of Fahnestock State Park for giving us free range and access to do whatever we needed to get this boy to safety. 

Ollie will be going to our amazing friends at Second Chance Pet Adoption League where he will vetted, allowed to decompress and learn what trust and love is all about. You were a worthy opponent you little stinker!!!


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