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Once I began working with Olivias mom and dad, the first thing I advised them to do was to call off the search parties. Everyone chasing and calling out to her, including her own family was keeping her in flight mode. 

I told them that I was fairly certain that even though she was on the run that this was not going to be a trapping situation. The game plan was to get the owners, Mike and Dina and their other dog Oliver out in front of her and calmly lure her. 

I drove out in the snow and met with the family to assess the area and set a feeding station. I asked if she knew the sound of Mikes truck as he drove a diesel pick up that had a very distinct sound. We planned that Mike and Dina would be back first thing in the morning for when sightings started to come in. 

Morning came and just as we had planned, a sighting came in and they were there ready to go. I instructed Dina to head over to the street that backed up to where she was just sighted and that’s exactly where Olivia was headed. Mike pulled around in his truck and parked with his engine running. Olivia heard her dads truck and went right over to it and into her dads arms!! All it took was for people to stop pursuing her so that she could get eyes on her family and hear the familiar sound of Mikes engine. 

Welcome home sweet Olivia, your big brother Oliver and your mom and dad missed you so much!!! 



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