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Nugget missing in Warwick, NY has been reunited!!!

Nugget had been recently rescued and he was incredibly frightened and skittish. 

For two days, this little eight pound baby was on the run, traveling through vast fields and woods.

Although I had a trap ready, after going over the case, I determined that the best plan of action would be to use their other dog, Kona to help lure Nugget. 

I had Shannon walk down to the clearing in the field where he had been recently sighted and sit down on the ground, quietly with Kona on a long lead.

Within a short time, Nugget emerged from the thicket. He took a few steps towards her then trotted away. I told Shannon it was ok and to stay put, give him time. She remained on the ground, talking to Kona and feeding her Nuggets favorite treat…liverwurst. A few minutes later, Nugget came out again, gradually making his way towards her and Kona, then he would sit down and watch them. Each time getting a little closer, until he was finally in Shannons arms!!

Nugget had an army of angels behind him but in the end, it was his bond with his new sister, Kona and his love for his new momma that brought him in!!

Thank you to everyone who helped, The Warwick Valley Humane Society, Warwick Police, the wonderful residents Dan and his wife on Bellvale Lakes Road who called in the sighting that was instrumental in reuniting this little muppet!!! 

Welcome HOME Nugget!!

The drone photos offer a birds eye view of Nuggets rescue... you can see the expansive area that this little one was traveling. The black dot on the path is Nuggets mom and Kona, on the last photo if you zoom in you can see Nugget in the distance.


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