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The rescue of Michele was a race against time.

Michele got spooked while on a walk and slipped out of her harness. She ran the width of Manhattan, running from the Upper West Side all the way to the Upper East Side. She settled on the campus of Rockefeller University, situated between York Ave and the FDR.

When the rescue contacted me time was of the essence, we need a trap there ASAP. I immediately called one of my volunteers, who headed out and set a trap and cameras. By morning we got word that she was now on the other side of campus. 

We desperately tried to explain to the campus security why we didn’t want them approaching or chasing her. They just didn’t understand why the owners couldn’t just “grab the dog”. The security guards at one point started putting up orange netting, trying to help. 

Michele was very frightened of men. We had Michele’s dad, Dai Wai, go out of sight and leave his wife Forest and Michele’s sibling, Romy to sit and calmly attempt to lure her. Time was critical but was not on our side. It was baby steps and she was edging closer and closer to her mom and sister. Forest was doing an amazing job staying calm and gaining her trust. 

Hours went by and impatient crowds were gathering which was spooking little Michele. People telling her to “grab her, scruff the dog”. Michele stayed the course, knowing that one false move and she’d run.

Finally we were informed by campus security that time was up, they were calling in the police and animal control because they felt it was taking too long. We begged and pleaded because Forest was so close to getting her. We knew if others arrived on site that she would be gone in an instant.  

We were all on pins and needles and holding our breath. The skies opened and Forest finally got the slip lead over Michele’s neck and was safe in her moms arms!!!! They loaded up in an uber and headed HOME!!!

Thank you to students on campus and the amazing network of Jindo Love Rescue volunteers who rallied and hung posters and were ready to help in any way possible, what an amazing organization. Forest, your unwavering patience and love was absolutely incredible… you are simply amazing!!

Many gray hairs were grown but what a happy ending to Romy and Michele’s big city adventure!!!  


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