Luke "Buddy" - The Oak Ridge Stray

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FOUR YEARS running Oak Ridge, NJ, Luke aka "Buddy" has been safely captured!!

On Super Bowl Sunday I was contacted by a very concerned resident in Oak Ridge, NJ about a stray dog that was showing up in their woods and yard since December. Her neighbors dog was now in heat and the stray was trying to get at her. I knew immediately who this dog was. 

Luke is a feral southern rescue who escaped from his rescue back in March 2014. He eventually began to frequent properties where food was being left for him a mile from where he escaped. Countless capture efforts were made by animal control and others to no avail.

Evading capture for years, trap savvy Luke was eventually deemed "uncatchable". To the frustration and anger of many, he continued to roam Oak Ridge, NJ all hours of the day and night. He constantly travelled miles and miles for other female dogs in heat, impregnating many over the years and crossing very dangerous roads. Just this past month he was traveling a three mile span for two separate female dogs. He would wander in their woods and once the female dogs came outside he would attempt to mount them leaving many pet owners frightened to bring their dogs outside.

When I was contacted by a local resident, I knew this was my opportunity to help Luke. I had him on camera for eleven days straight all hours of the night in freezing temperatures, snow, sleet and pouring rain. It took eleven days and a lot of patience for capture, but Luke is finally now safe and sound and will receive the life he so deserves... shelter, vetting and first on the list... neutered!  

When that door slammed shut Lukes life changed for the better. Although he was frightened, you could see the relief in his eyes. He was exhausted and immediately curled up in a warm bed for the first time in YEARS. This morning he even gave his first kiss! Your new life starts now's to new beginnings and never giving up!




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