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***HAZEL IS CAPTURED*** missing from Hawthorne, NY since June 2nd Hazel is trapped after 148 days on the run!! Welcome Home Hazel!! 

Hazel's story ended in a happy reunion, but her story is a cautionary tale of just how dangerous retractable leashes are! 

Hazel went missing on June 2nd (some fb posts showing July 4th which is incorrect) when out for a walk with her dad, Scott. She saw a bunny and bolted after it while on a retractable leash. Scott hit the stop button but the thin cord these dangerous leashes are made up of snapped and Hazel's 148 day nightmare began.

There were no sightings of Hazel and Scott began to lose hope. She ran off in a very busy area right off the Saw Mill Parkway. We learned that Hazel took cover in the closest woods near where she bolted, there she would remain for almost FIVE MONTHS. Her behavior was text book "survival mode", she was only active between dusk and dawn. When it got dark, she would make her way out of the dense woods, crossing busy roads to get to a sewage station off the Saw Mill Parkway to eat food being left for feral cats. Once on camera I was able to move forward with capture. In the torrential rain, a trap was set last night, she finally made her appearance around 12:16 am. Scott, still quite skeptical after texting him that she was finally there, he replied back "U probably have better luck trapping Bigfoot than her" and my response was simply "she's met her match!" Game over sweet Hazel!!!

Please Please Please....if you have retractable leash get rid of it, they are so dangerous for both pets and their owners!!


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