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Chester and his sister, Olive had just arrived at their new home after a long drive up from Florida.

Sadly, their dad recently passed away, he rescued them and was the only love and security they had ever known.

Frightened, confused and with a broken heart, Chester made a dash through the door the first morning at their new home and was now on the run in unfamiliar territory.

Sightings were few and with the close proximity of the power lines, it was the perfect area for him to travel without being sighted. 

Cameras were set up along the power lines and in the woods that backed up to them. I got him on all my cameras within twenty four hours and now knew his travel path.

A trap was set but he was so leery of it and not progressing in. I hiked the enclosure in to the woods and tied the door open to condition him to go in and out. It took a few days but he eventually went in. 

The biggest hurdle was the abundant wildlife. Packs of coyote were making themselves known and going into the enclosure, along with raccoons, fox and every other critter. This is why I am always present nearby when traps/ enclosures are set. If the dog you are trapping sees another animal trapped, it could be disastrous and prevent the dog from ever going in or worse moving from the area. I spent three days and nights once it was set for capture in my car, waiting and watching the cameras. 

The wildlife were relentless and because of this I had to modify and build a remote control trigger so I could allow animals to come and go without setting it off. I could not risk Chester seeing them captured.

Last night, the enclosure was set with the remote trigger. I watched on camera all night as the usual suspects came and went. At 1:30 am Chester finally arrived. I held my breath and the remote in my hand and waited for him to go all the way to the back, it felt like an eternity. Once he was all the way to the back, I hit that button and BOOM… the door slammed shut!!!

I can’t help but think that Chester’s dad was watching over him and keeping him safe. He is now reunited with his sister, Olive and home with his new family after six days on the run in coyote infested woods. 

Thank you to the Spies family who so graciously put up with me going through their property at all hours to access the woods. 

Welcome Home Chester, may your broken heart begin to heal and know that your dad is always with you.


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