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TWO YEARS on the run Blaze has been safely captured!!

This sweet boy bolted from a rest stop not far from the Bear Mountain Bridge and travelled over thirty miles to Goshen, NY. Blaze was only a year old when he got spooked and bolted with his leash still attached. I received a message a couple weeks ago regarding a very frightened brown dog that was running route 94 in Chester, NY. Over a week later another sighting about seven miles away from the last in Goshen, NY. I didn't have a photo so I sent out a call alert and sightings started coming in. A travel pattern emerged, strategically placed feeding stations were set and within three days I had him returning to a property. The property had existing kennels that were no longer being used and I was able to rig one of the doors for capture.

I am thrilled to report that Blaze was microchipped and I was able to make that call to Blaze's dad, Jeremy who was in absolute disbelief. He was certain Blaze could not have survived this long on his own. Jeremy will be making the long drive back to NY this weekend to reunite with his boy Blaze! Can't wait to see the reunion.
NEVER GIVE UP...they are out there!!!

Thank you Kelly for reaching out to me when you saw a frightened dog on the run and thank you to the wonderful property owners who let me set up feeding stations. A HUGE thank you to Mac who didn't understand (and I say this with a chuckle) "the whole nonsense" but so graciously let me take over your kennel and property to bring this boy to safety. Sending so much love to you all!


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