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After 54 harrowing days on the run China, a two year old beagle, terrier mix is safe and sound. It all began on a trial visit for a new adoptive home in Montclair, NJ where she bolted from. From the sightings that came in, we surmise that she travelled a straight shot four miles up Valley, Rd with brief appearances along the way. She finally settled in a neighborhood that sat directly along dangerous route 3 and 46 in Clifton, NJ. Thanks to one amazing resident named Cosette Sochon, who thought to snap a photo of little China curled in a ball resting in her neighbors yard. Cosette posted it on Lost and Found Pets New Jersey facebook page asking if anyone recognized her. This one photo created a chain of events that would eventually lead to her capture. The little dog in the photo was positively identified by Orphaned Pets rescue as China, who had been missing since Sept 8th. Without this photo, China may never have been found. BDRR was contacted last Saturday and I headed out to set up a feeding station and cameras, time was of the essence as mischief night and Halloween was fast approaching and we couldn't risk having her scared away. Six long days would pass with no further sightings. A new poster campaign and a call alert went out and within a matter of hours sightings started pouring in. We finally received THE sighting we needed, she had been in a yard with a fresh water koi pond that she was using as a water source. I immediately set up a trap outside of their fence line, monitored with live feed and we waited for dark to fall. At approximately 7:30pm calls started coming in, she was on the move, it was just a matter of time before she found my trap. At 10:55pm Miss China was circling my trap followed by an inquisitive fox, at 12:21am we had her! I made the call to Susan at Orphaned Pets, who came right out and met me and we transported her back to Rosemarie who was her foster mom. China was so happy to see Rosemarie and all her doggie friends, especially Delilah the german shepherd who China showered with smooches. The best news out of this whole story is Rosemarie is no longer her foster mom.... China is a big ole foster fail and officially has her forever home now with her mom, Rosemarie and all her doggie buddies who she clearly loves and shares a very special bond with. Welcome home China you are so loved by so many!!!!
We are so grateful to the neighborhood in Clifton, who kept a watchful eye for our girl, Beverly and her two boys who helped distribute posters, Cosette Sochon, for snapping that photo and to George and Jane Scarfo who called in the sighting and so graciously allowed us to trap on their property. Thank you to all who shared and cared on facebook....without everyones help this would not have been possible!! 


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