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Safely captured after 16 days running a 10 mile span!

Nala bolted from her newly adopted home in Southington, CT on July 14th. She traveled approximately 4 miles every couple of days, due to being chased and pursued by well meaning people trying to catch her. On July 23rd, Nala made her way back to her new home and was eating from our feeding station only to be chased away yet again. We slept in the car for a second night that night with the hopes that she would return to the feeding station/ enclosure, but she had already moved on. We continued to track the sightings each day, praying that she would slow down enough to find our feeding stations and stay put, she was skinny and getting thinner and thinner as each day passed. Jenn continued to go out and poster new neighborhoods that she was being sighted in and also getting ahead of her, sometimes at 3AM. All the hard work and sleepless nights finally paid off when Nala was spotted in Berlin on the Meriden border Tuesday, July 29th at midnight, she was now ten miles away from where she went missing. Jenn instructed the property owners to throw down food and water in their yard until she could get there to set up feeding station and camera, she spoke with the home owners Jessica, Mike and their two children and explained the importance of not approaching or calling out to Nala. The entire neighborhood was all onboard...FINALLY!!! The enclosure was moved to the yard where she was eating (thank you Toni and Pete!!!). Nala watched the enclosure being set up from the woods and when Jenn walked away, Nala cautiously came out to see what was for dinner. It took some time for Nala to get comfortable going in and out of the enclosure but at 9:30 this evening she went in and the door shut behind her, the neighborhood erupted in cheers at the news of her capture. She is emaciated and will need medical attention but she is finally safe!!! Nala's story illustrates the importance of not chasing, approaching or calling out to a lost dog and how important posters are!

Thank you to everyone who called in sightings and to the residents of Metacomet Drive in Berlin, CT who were so wonderful and worked with us to get this beautiful big girl to safety.




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