Old Dan

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Captured after more than FIVE years on the run!

 Old Dan's (aka Blue) story began when his former owners moved away and abandoned him. He was left to fend for himself and over the years became an elusive local legend and the Pennings Market and Drive-In's notorious dumpster diver. Animal control, police and the Warwick humane society received countless calls daily from concerned people, helplessly watching as he navigated his way through and crossing busy, dangerous roads, sometimes unsuccessfully with the scars to prove it. Animal control informed us that he had been hit by a car in the past, but they couldn't catch him to help him in any way. Over the years many attempts had been made to trap him. It wasn't until his guardian angel, Linda Schroeder noticed him as she was leaving the Warwick drive-in one night. It was that night that Old Dan's life was about to change.

Linda rallied volunteers who set up a trap and feeding station, he was just too smart for his own good to go in the trap. Fast forward a month and a half later, I was contacted through Facebook on Saturday, April 25th and went out the next day, the large enclosure was set up on Monday in Pennings orchard and by Tuesday night at 9:30 I made the call to Linda that we got him.

"Old Dan" was very gentle and docile once trapped. He was exhausted and could barely keep his eyes open. He was covered with a thousand ticks, his collar was so tight around his neck, he was wheezing and we had to cut it off him. The scars on his leg from being hit by a car are a harsh reminder of the life he was now going to leave behind. Michelle and Jeff Theobald kept him overnight and brought him to the vet this morning.

Old Dan, you deserve a beautiful new life filled with love and peace. I am proud to be apart of this rescue and grateful to all the people involved who I now call my friends. We love you Old Dan!!

Click here for video of moment of capture!







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