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For 18 days Smokey had been constantly circling a 9 mile loop through the West Haven/ Milford beach areas. After getting involved last Sunday, I flooded the area with posters, calls started coming in and his travel pattern became quite evident. He was on the move, stopping only briefly for a quick rest in someone's yard or bushes.

I got the call that changed everything Friday afternoon. A woman named Paige, called to tell me that she spotted Smokey, two nights in a row, around 11:30pm at the Seth Haley school. I immediately went and bought two of my no fail, rotisserie chickens and set the trap. I spent my third night in the car waiting for Smokey to make an appearance and fending off the usual skunks and cats from going in to the trap. 1:36 am, just as I started to doze off, a flash of ears blew right behind me, it was Smokey, but he was fast and on a mission and didn't go any where near my trap. I later found a path on the school property that he used as a cut through. Saturday, I moved the trap so it was right in his direct path of travel. I bought my chickens and some cheeseburgers, set the trap and once again waited in my car. At 10:20 a man called saying he spotted him at Hawley Ave in Milford, at 10:26 a call that he was spotted a half mile away from the last sighting, behind a gas station in West Haven. I knew he was on his way back towards the school (1.6 miles from Hawley Ave) ....10:59 pm.... I see Smokey sprinting up from his cut through path, running right towards my trap and then suddenly coming to a screeching halt...CHICKEN!!!!! I held my breath and waited....Smokey's adventure was over!

Smokey is looking for his forever home, if you are interested please contact me directly.


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