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Did you know that posters are the #1 tool to generate sightings that lead to a safe and effective capture/ reunion? In most successful cases, good poster coverage has played a crucial part in the recovery of a lost pet. Many times people will pass by a lost pet and without knowing the dog is in fact lost or having a number to call, the sighting will sadly fall through the crack. Get out there, hang those posters!


Be proactive...don't wait, don't procrastinate!! When your dog goes missing, hang clear, easy to read posters with contact number in large print.

*Begin immediately with 150-200 posters minimum, within a 2-3 mile radius from point of escape (location where dog went missing). Start from point of escape and work your way out. If you are not getting sightings within a few days EXPAND your poster coverage area, do not wait!

*Posters should be hung on poles for best visibility, both sides of streets. You want not only residents but passing motorists who may not live in the area to see your poster. Hang at a height that both cars and trucks can easily read.

*Hang posters at an angle facing oncoming traffic and staple all four corners. Many times you can’t even see posters hung on the face of the pole. If people can’t see your poster, they aren’t going to call. Most people will not get out of their car to read your poster or look for the contact #, especially on busy roads and in inclement weather. 

*Put posters in clear plastic sheet protectors with opening to the bottom to protect from the elements. Staple all four corners of posters to prevent curling leaving your poster unreadable.

*Putting posters in mailboxes is against the law, you may put on outside of mailboxes but this should be done after posters are up on poles, poles get the most visibility! If town ordinances prohibit hanging posters on poles, get stakes and securely hammer them in the ground. 

*Distribute posters to local high traffic stores, vets, shelters, train stations, gas stations, ask local pizza delivery to deliver posters with each delivery, mailmen, UPS/Fed Ex drivers, utility workers who are working in the area, etc etc....

*It is easiest for one person to drive and one person to jump out and hang. If you don't have someone to help, do not be afraid to ask for help. Facebook is a great source of help with missing dogs and I find that people are there ready and willing to help, just let them know areas that need coverage.

*Once dog is found, please have the courtesy to take down any posters and signage.

Being proactive can be the difference between a swift or a prolonged reunion or worse, not finding your dog at all.

Posters are the number one tool that generate sightings that lead to an effective capture and reunion!! 

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