Willow Bay

Armed with rotisserie chicken and hot dogs, Willows mom, her doggie brother, Theo and I piled into the old pick up and were ready and waiting once a sighting came in. We received a call that Willow ran up an embankment by Bear Mountain Parkway. I instructed Connie to take Theo up the embankment on a long lead and quietly walk. I went to the other side where the trail comes out and was quickly setting up a trap. Within about 15 feet Connie is walking towards me not realizing Willow was cautiously lurking behind sniffing Theo. Not wanting to startle her I watched quietly until I saw Willows body language completely shift from survival mode to goofy puppy mode and said Connie she’s right behind you grab her!!! Connie in shock takes the leash and clips her to safety!! Welcome home Willow Bay!!!

Willow Bay from Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery on Vimeo.