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Tori missing in Poughkeepsie, NY has been captured after twelve days on the run!

Tori went missing on May 16th in Peach Hill Park when the owners accidentally dropped her leash.

I began working with the family a week after she went missing. Two feeding stations were set, one about a half mile in off one of the trails and one in the parking lot. That night Tori was on camera at both feeding stations.

Monday and Tuesday trap was set but she was a no show both nights. We grew very concerned that she was caught up on her leash. Trails were walked with their other dog, Teddy in the hopes that we would see or hear her...but nothing.

We continued to bait the feeding station hoping that she would return. To our relief, she made an appearance on camera and she was no longer wearing her harness with leash attached. She must have been caught up for two days and as relieved as we were, the thought of her being stuck for that long was heart wrenching.

Tonight the trap was set again. She circled for quite awhile but her hunger got the best of her and she finally went in for a small feast. I called her parents, Ashley and Steve to let them know their baby girl was safe and ready to go home, they immediately headed over to be reunited ...Twelve long days on the run in and around Peach Hill Park was finally over!!!

Welcome home sweet Tori!! 


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