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After jumping out a car window in the Target parking lot in Kingston, NY...Teddy the golden doodle is SAFE after eight days on the run. 

This boy was running very dangerous areas along side the highway and through the woods and pipeline surrounding the shopping center. 

Within three hours of arriving, I heard a whine and a bark on the other side of a fence above a very steep ravine....it was Teddy!!!

I had Teddys owner go right up to the fence with chicken and Teddy immediately jumped up to greet his mom. We got him slipleaded and navigated through the vines and safely through a small hole in the fence. An eight day nightmare was finally over! 

It’s always amazing to see the deep bond between a lost dog and their owner when the dog realizes they are finally safe. 

This family NEVER gave up!!! Welcome home Teddy!!!!


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