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July 27th Sparky the wonder cat had just arrived from Germany and was on his way to his new home. The family had stopped to take a break at a truck stop off Route 80, when Sparky slipped his harness and bolted off into the woods. 

Feeding stations were set, posters were hung and we followed up on every loose, feral, orange tabby cat in the surrounding towns. 

After three trappings of different doppelgänger felines, we received a call from someone who had seen a poster on a nearby pole for yet another orange tabby cat. Unlike the last three, this one was friendly and allowing human contact.

We raced right over with high hopes and the microchip scanner. Once arriving, this friendly cat came running out right to me. I scanned him and heard that beep we had been waiting for...sure enough it was a match!!

The owner was called and she immediately jumped in her car to make the four and a half hour journey to reunite with her beloved cat. The owners sister who lived closer also immediately headed over to be reunited with Sparky. 

This little survivor managed to safely navigate two miles through the dense coyote, bear and other predator filled woods, not to mention two tropical storms and an intense heatwave. 

So grateful to the Boden family who saw the poster and called in the tip that led to his homecoming. Thank you, thank you!




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