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Five days, three thousand posters, subzero temps, frozen trap, running the entire span of Staten Island, repeatedly crossing the Staten Island Expressway... Roni is finally safe and found! We received a call early this morning and once arriving was able to quickly locate him only to have him once again chased away from the trap by someone out searching. Mapping the trail system of the St Francis Woodlands we quickly determined there was a high probability of him coming out at a local campsite that was on the other side of the woods. Sure enough with in the hour he made his appearance off one of the trails at the campsite. A trap was quickly set but subzero temps caused the mechanism to freeze up. Our hearts sank as we helplessly watched him on camera eat and leave. A can of WD40 and a whole lot of praying that he would return before the “bomb cyclone” snow storm hit and knowing that once they find a food source they usually return, we waited and waited. Eight and a half hours later the camera started going and he was back for more food and with in minutes captured. Welcome home Roni!!



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