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Rizzo has been safely captured after five long cold, snowy days!

Rizzo escaped from her fosters home. I began working very closely over the phone with Candace, one of the volunteers from A New Chance Rescue. Immediately a plan was put in place. A awareness campaign was implemented, posters went up, call alerts went out. Rizzo has escaped several times before but never ventured far, this time sightings were coming in over a mile and a half away and she was showing clear signs of being in survival mode. One of the sightings was at an abandoned home, a perfect, quiet spot to set a feeding station. This morning when the foster went to check the camera at the feeding station, Rizzo was on camera. Seeing tracks in the snow that lead under a deck, the foster as instructed in advance, knew to sit on the ground and calmly toss high value treats, slowly but surely coaxing her, allowing her to approach on her terms. Rizzo is now safe and warm and hopefully added precautions will be taken to make sure she never has the opportunity to escape again. 


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