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Penny escaped from her foster home in Ringwood, NJ. After six days on the run with virtually no sightings she has been safely captured. Welcome home Penny!!

Penny's capture was difficult due to lack of sightings, she was traveling the woods of The Painted Forest and her coloring blended in perfectly with the leaves and landscape. Friday I had her at my trap only to have her spooked off by a well meaning person driving by slowly while out looking for her, she never returned. I had to start from scratch and relocate her.

Looking at the mapping and intersection points, the woods were vast and it was like throwing a dart at the map trying to pick a spot to set up another feeding station. I stopped and knocked on the door of the most lovely, gracious woman named Betty whose property backed up to the wooded area where I felt Penny may be crossing. Within an hour of the feeding station going up my camera started going off and low and behold Penny was there chowing down. Once she left I went back and quickly set a trap.

8pm little Miss Penny was back but this time with a full belly. She went in briefly to check out what was for dinner but didn't go in all the way just yet, she wasn't hungry. She came back out walked to the side of the trap and promptly scratched her back legs very clearly marking her territory to let other animals know...hey this big box of food right's mine!! Seeing this, I knew she'd definitely be back. Four hours later she was back for a midnight snack and this time went all the way in! She's a smart, funny girl and being able to watch her on video offered much comic relief through the frustration and exhaustion. Even when sightings are limited please do not give up, these dogs are so smart and resilient, they are survivors.



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