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So we meet again my friend….

Almost five years ago, I captured Paper. He was a trap savvy boy back then so when I received the text that he was on the run again, my heart sank. To make matters worse, he was now in the fight for his life, battling cancer. He had bolted while on his way to the vet, he knew where he was going, and he said hell to the no.

Six days went by with no sightings, Papers family feared the worst. Finally, a possible sighting came in that would would lead to his capture. A dog was spotted on a trail camera used to monitor wildlife, in a remote area. More cameras went up, a feeding station was set, lots of foxes, skunk but no Paper and then four days later… Paper found the feeding station. He was only a half mile from the point of escape.

Paper having been trapped in an enclosure years prior, I had to change things up a bit, different enclosure, different door and our camouflage was on point. After only one night of conditioning, Paper surprised us and went all the way in the first night, after only a slight bit of hesitation. 

We made the trek back to Rock Hill, NY and last night we were all set for capture… “tonight is the night” we said. Like clockwork, Paper’s fox friends came to enjoy a nice meal and then finally out of the darkness, our boy showed and within moments he was safely captured, ending his thirteen day adventure.

Welcome Home sweet boy. We love you Paper, you are a fighter my friend and you’re gonna kick cancers a$$!!!



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