Macarena who just arrived from Puerto Rico was safely captured last night after escaping transport at the Westchester airport.

An amazing group of volunteers rallied and stayed on site for over twelve hours trying to lure her but she just wasn’t having it. 

I was contacted and headed up with an enclosure. She circled it for hours and would bark and howl at it out of frustration, she was hungry and wanted that food but was not progressing in. Time was of the essence and we didn’t have time to condition her to go in, we needed to get her. 

Her strong bond with her brother Marcello was going to be the key to this capture. I put Marcello in a trap inside of the enclosure with the hopes that he would lure her in. It worked like a charm. Love wins!!

Thank you to the everyone who helped and the Doberman Gang of NYC for being amazing advocates for this frightened girl.