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Three months on the run in Albany, NY came to an end early this morning for this feral, former Bosnian street dog, fittingly named Lucky!

Lucky escaped his fenced in yard on February 1st. He travelled approximately 10 miles out for over a month and then made his way back to a wooded area off a very busy road approximately 2.7 miles from where he had escaped. Two dedicated women, Paula and Sherry, tried to trap him but he was just too smart and trap savvy.

Once I was contacted a plan was put in place for capture. The Annabelle enclosure was set up and we began feeding him at the same time everyday to keep him on a schedule. He was acutely aware of his surroundings and the slightest change, even so much as a stick placed differently would interrupt his routine. Slow, steady and consistency was the key to Lucky's capture.

It took twenty days before Lucky would step one foot over the threshold, with each day a little more progress. Still weary but going for it, he was finally making his way in, all the way to the back. Yesterday, the enclosure was set for capture and by 5am this morning Lucky was safely captured by Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery.

Thank you to Sherry, Paula, Leslie and everyone who loved him from afar and rooted for this little survivor! 


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