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Fifteen days ago Hutch, a terrified southern rescue, ailing from advanced heart worm, jumped out a second story window at his foster home in Verplanck, NY. I quickly got him on camera the next night approximately a mile and half away from the point of escape, only to have him chased away.

Hutch was on the move travelling far and fast, never staying put in one place. He was traveling via the power lines, spanning 4 towns and doing a 10.7 mile loop every 2-3 days. Sightings would come in, each one miles apart within a couple hours.

Today we received a call that a man had Hutch in Croton on The Hudson, NY he was able to get a harness on him and leash him. To our horror by the time we arrived w/in 45 mins, Hutch had escaped again! Unfortunately, he was left outside alone, tied to a cable line and he broke free.

I located Hutch in the wood line behind a stone wall, not far from where he escaped again. I was able to quickly grab his harness which was falling off him. Through tears of joy and relief, I scooped him up and carried him to my truck. Hutch's time on the run was finally over!


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