Essex/ Union County Stray

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Breaking News!!!

The stray traveling through Maplewood, South Orange, Millburn, Scotch Plains, Springfield, Livingston, Union and finally captured in Berkeley Heights!!!

This boy traveled 10-15  miles a day for almost two weeks that we know. Many times being sighted on incredibly dangerous route I78, route 24 and the Garden State Parkway.

Each time he was sighted, he was approached or chased which kept him in flight mode.

Last night he was spotted in Union and while I was in the area this morning we received a call that he was now ten miles away in Berkeley Heights at a sewage plant. I raced over and finally had eyes on him. There were a few spots where he could escape under the fencing. At one point he completely disappeared and we feared that he had found his way out through one of the holes. Thankfully, I found him huddled in a ball, shivering, sleeping in some bamboo.

I got out of my car slowly and laid down on the ground and started tossing him hot dogs. After a while he got up and cautiously approached, he was cold, tired, scared and very hungry. He so desperately wanted help but was too afraid to trust me fully.

I grabbed my trap and sat in the distance and watched as he circled it and eventually went in, ending his exhaustive journey. 

Thank you Kelly Conover and Marcia Sanford Fishkind for contacting me and being so dedicated to getting this boy to safety, we make a great team ladies and I couldn’t have done it without you!! Thank you to all who called in sightings, hung fliers and offered words of support. 

He is now safe and on his way to Pets Alive. We will keep everyone updated.


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