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Eliza missing from Fire Island has been safely captured. Our good friends at Second Chance Rescue NYC Dogs called us immediately when they got the call that one of their very fearful dogs had bolted still wearing her harness and leash. BDRR headed out immediately and worked around the clock to bring this little one to safety.

In less than 24 hours she had run the 4.5 mile length of the island from Dunewood to the Robert Moses Causeway crossing over to the bay. Somewhere along the way she managed to get free of her harness and leash. This little one survived three brutal rainstorms and was seen dodging cars on the causeway and two bridges. It is so important to never chase a fearful dog, it only pushes them out of an area and in to harms way, thankfully this was a happy ending.

Thank you to the Coast Guard for allowing us entry to the barracks and for giving us full access to all restricted areas. She is now at the animal hospital with a 105 degree temperature and covered head to toe in ticks and fleas. Welcome back Eliza your beach adventure is officially over!


Eliza's Capture On Fire Island from Buddha Dog Rescue & Recovery on Vimeo.


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