Shaggy (Bronson)

Posted by Nicole Asher on

Shaggy a new rescue missing since Sunday night in Stratford, CT has been safely captured! He loves cheeseburgers but not the pickles and he lost a puppy tooth on his big adventure!! Welcome home Shaggy!!!
While we were hanging posters on Bridgeview Place, we received a call from someone claiming to have had Shaggy captured in a fenced in yard, unfotunately this turned out to be a sick prank by some sad souls. While on our way back to finish postering, we received a call from a woman named Deb, who spotted Shaggy going under a porch on Bridgeview Place, we stayed on the phone with her while she kept eyes on Shaggy until we got there to trap him. Once there, Jenn and I saw that we were able to barricade the porch and army crawl under the very tight, narrow crawl space towards Shaggy who had wedged himself deep in. We were able to dig him free and carry him to the safety of my car. Thank you Deb for calling in the sighting and following our instructions of not chasing him. Shaggy was a very frightened puppy and has now been renamed Bronson by his new Mom and Dad.

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