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Collin, a rescue dog originally from Mississippi who came to a foster home in NY via Legacy German Shepherd Rescue went missing October 30th when the gate at his foster home was left open. On November 11th, he was hit by a car on a 6 lane highway, the witness did not think he survived. Collin proved everyone wrong and being the survivor that he is, was later sighted and appeared limping a mile or so away at the Poughkeepsie wastewater treatment plant a few days later. An unsuccessful trapping attempt animal control several days later sent Collin fleeing that area. He again crossed 6 lane Route 9, being spotted miles up the road on the other side, only to cross it yet again. Several days went by without a sighting and volunteers feared the worst and animal control said he was uncatchable.

On November 25th, I was contacted by Tanja Macaris from Legacy German Shepherd. A renewed poster and social media campaign along with automated calls paid off within a day when a sighting of Collin was reported and numerous tips started coming in. Feeding stations and cameras were immediately set up in two locations and his safe zone was finally pinpointed. On November 30th, 31 days after going missing and travelling five and a half miles, Collin was safely trapped.


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